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This is one set of 2 MCH218 Mobile Column lifts at Louisiana Pacific in Hayward, WI. Each column has an 18,000 lb. weight capacity for a combined capacity of 36,000 lbs. Photo’d here with fork lift adaptors lifting the fork lift and also lifting a mini crane.

Mach 1 Mach 2 Mach 3

At Dahl Duces in Winona, MN we are installing the oil tanks, oil lines, dispensers, and air reels. Here we have some updated pictures of piping in the main shop as well as the air reels mounted on the columns of the lifts. We will continue to update you with pictures as the job progresses!

duces 13 duces 12 duces 11 duces 10 duces 9

We replaced the equalizer box for an inground DTO28H side by side drive over 8,000 lbs lift in the Olmsted County shop. All services such as concrete cutting, hydro hammer, and excavation done by us. We also poured the new concrete on 7/13/16.

LEC 13 LEC 12 LEC 11LEC 14 LEC 10LEC 7 LEC 9 LEC 8 LEC 6 LEC 5 LEC 4 LEC 3 LEC 2 LEC 1LEC 16LEC 15

Installation of a Rotary SPO12 above ground lift at Matt Saxe Chevrolet in Belle Plaine, MN.  The SPO12 has a 12,000 lb capacity, standard 3 stage arms with truck adapters and 13’8″ standard height.

matt saxe 1 matt saxe 2

At Dahl Duces in Winona, MN we are installing the oil tanks, oil lines, dispensers and air reels. This is the start of the project in the basement of the building where we’ve installed the oil lines going from the tank to the main part of the shop. We will continue to update pictures as the job progresses!

duces 1 duces 2 duces 3 duces 4 duces 5 duces 6 duces 7 duces 8

Oil tanks, remote fills and a Champion Duplex air compressor furnished and installed at Dahl Chevrolet.

dahl chev 3 Dahl chev 2 Dahl chev 4Dahl chev 1

Break-up and removal of concrete pad and footings, graded pad and haul away services done near Hayfield, MN.

GB 1GB 2GB 6GB 4GB 10 GB 8GB 9 GB 7

Dug out a spot in the yard to level off and create a spot for a mobile home pad in southern MN. Before and after pictures shown.

Wildeman 1 Wildeman 2

Equipment installed: Rotary Smart Lift SL210-FA inground Side X side lift with 10,000 lbs capacity. Excavation, hydro hammer and concrete work also done by High Forest Automotive.

Rossi 6Rossi 14Rossi 3Rossi 8 Rossi 10Rossi 18Rossi 5Rossi 13Rossi 4Rossi 16.15_3 6.15_1

Install of Rotary SMO14L open front 4 post lift with bolt on alignment kit at Matt’s Body Shop and Tire Service in Spring Valley, MN.

Matts-1 Matts-2 Matts-3 Matts-4