Work has continued at Clements Subaru in Rochester. Here we are updating you on the piping going into the shop for the air, oil, and windshield wash lines. We also installed a Hydrovane 5 horse-power Duplex compressor and remote fills for fresh oil, waste oil pump out, and windshield wash.

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Dahl Used Cars and Express Services was cleaned up and ready to go last Friday! Here are some final pictures of the oil, air, and window wash piping, Blazer pit lifts, SBI double wall steel oil tanks, Fluidall roth double wall tanks for waste anti-freeze and window wash, Graco pumps, and Unilube tool, oil, and filter racks and drain pans. This was a fun job and we think it looks great!


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The Dahl Toyota of Winona Duces building is really starting to come together. Yesterday we installed their Blazer 9000 Lube Pit Lift by Devon Lube Center Equipment. These lifts have a 9000lbs weight capacity, may be flush mounted or surface mounted, automatic 12-position safety locks with air release for safe remote lift control, and ALI certified to meet strict industry and government quality standards. This is just another option we have to offer for all your automotive lift needs!

Duces 25 Duces 24 duces 23 Duces 22Blazer

We installed a fun one last week! This Revolution RFP9 Rotary Lift is perfect for any car enthusiast. It has a 9,000lbs weight capacity, multi-position locks which allows runways to be level at any lock position, and a single point lock release. From home use to automotive shops, we’ve got you covered!

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It’s been awhile since we’ve updated you on the Dahl Toyota of Winona Duces building, the used car and express service shop opening soon. We’ve still been hard at work installing oil lines, air lines, and washer fluid lines. We thought we’d show you a little of what Scott and Dick have been up to the past couple of weeks, with help from Cole and Konrad when they haven’t been busy on other jobs! Just a couple of quick snapshots of the installation, soldering of ball valves, and cutting the strut that we hang the pipe from. The shops really coming together and we can’t wait to share photos of the completed project with you!

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We decided to send the boys on a trip today to Graham Tire East in Worthington, MN. Here they installed a SPO15 Rotary Lift which has a 15,000 lbs weight capacity. This lift was actually from their Fort Dodge, IA location originally and we reinstalled it today. We think it looks great in their shop and hope they enjoy it!

graham tire 2

We got to install a Rotary SMO14EL2 4-post lift at the truck shop for Kwik Trip in La Crosse, WI. This lift has a 14,000 lbs. weight capacity, extended length option, and is customizable with a variety of accessories from rolling jacks to alignment kits.

kwik trip 6 kwik trip 5 Kwik trip 4 Kwik trip 3 Kwik trip 2

Today we installed a Rotary Lift SPOA10N700 2-post above ground lift at Soulfisher Collision and Repair in Cannon Falls, MN. This lift has a 10,000 lb. weight capacity and the asymmetrical design allows doors to easily open without dings, perfect for cars and light trucks!

SF 1 SF 2 SF 3

We’ve been busy at Clements Subaru in Rochester! Here we are in the early stages of a new construction installing 8 inground Rotary Smart Lift’s. We wanted to show you the excavation involved in a new construction site, we will continue to update you with pictures as the job progresses!

Subaru 13 Subaru 12 Subaru 11 Subaru 10 Subaru 9 Subaru 7 Subaru 6 Subaru 5 Subaru 4Subaru 34Subaru 27 Subaru 26 Subaru 25 Subaru 24 Subaru 23 Subaru 22

At Dahl Duces in Winona, MN we are installing the oil tanks, oil lines, dispensers, and air reels. Here we have pictures of the high pressure oil lines in the main shop. We will continue to update you with pictures as the job progresses!

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