The Revolution line offers you all the lift at a price that supports your budget.  Each lift is built with quality, safety, and overall value at a competitive price. Contact us for pricing information.

The RTP10 is a two-post lift with a 10,000 lbs. weight capacity. It features: 3-stage SPOT-RITE front arms allowing techs to spot and position vehicle’s doors in front or behind lift columns to prevent door damage and allow easy technician access with no obstruction. The two-stroke cylinders with overhead cables provide equalization and is ALI Gold Certified.







The RTP9 is a two-post lift with a 9,000 lbs. weight capacity. This commercial grade lift is designed for facilities with low ceilings. Featuring the carriage latch system that engages every 3″ and a secondary lock system this low-profile lift carries the ALI Gold Certification.







The R12 is a two-post lift with a 12,000 lbs. weigh capacity. It features: two stage front and rear arms, two full-stroke cylinders, padded overhead switch bar, single point lock release, and many much more. This lift is ALI Gold Certified and has several accessories to assist you in servicing cars, trucks, and vans.








The RFP9 is the perfect lift for home use. It has a 9,000 lbs. weight capacity, single point lock release, adjustable lock ladder, and the multi-position locks allow runways to be level at any lock position. The standard 115V plug is provided and is ALI Gold Certified.







The RMR6 mid-rise lift has a 6,000 lbs. weight capacity and it’s space-saving scissor-style design is an excellent choice for low ceilings. It’s an optimal height for working on tires, brakes, and body repairs. The dual hydraulic cylinder design powers a fast operation and has multiple locking positions at any height.







The RXLDT motorcycle lift has a 1,000 lbs. weight capacity featuring the DT “Drop Tail” model for wheel service and includes a wheel jack. This lift is fully portable, including a wheel dolly, and is operated by a foot pedal power unit. This lift has an adjustable height and two side extensions making it great for ATV’s and lawnmowers as well.