High Forest Automotive Equipment

High Forest Automotive Equipment, Inc. was formed in 2004 by Phil Waugh after being laid off because of his then current employer becoming sick with health issues. Phil had almost 15 years’ experience in this field after leaving his then employer and saw a chance to go out into the industry on his own and continue the craft that he had learned all those years.

Now over 10 years later Phil and his team of men are using their knowledge to not only help the one man shop by supplying him with full air systems, Rotary automotive lifts, and complete oil systems, but also help the 30 and 40 man shop as well with the same quality service that our current customer have come to expect.

Between Phil, his two sons, and other employees the company is doing business in Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and Western Wisconsin and would like to use there 62 years of combined knowledge to help set up your shop, fix your lift, air compressor, or even oil equipment. So if in need of any of our services please feel free to call for a free estimate of call to schedule service on your equipment.